Drama Media Marketing is a cutting-edge artistic development company. We provide our clients with holistic and forward-thinking marketing and promotion services. We work with mainstream and independent artists on brand awareness, song promotion, consulting, radio play, blog placement, major record labels and more. Please email us for more info.

How We Promote

For every campaign webuild each client a 'Plan Of Attack' that uses nothing but organic marketing. Our SEO campaigns help to boost your link higher in the search engines like yahoo, google and bing.
Unlike traditional SEO promo, our campaigns target new fans directly through several AUTHENTIC traffic sources such as, Youtube Searches, Playlists, and more 

Our CEO:

Drama Squad Jay

Since age 11, Drama Squad Jay has been writing his own music. When he was 14 he stepped into the studio and it’s been nothing but accomplishments ever since. Now the CEO of 3 striving marketing companies, Jay continues to make music for the people that support his craft. Since he’s been making music he’s performed in over 500 showcases all across the country in cities like Los Angeles, Ontario (CA), Redlands, San Bernardino, etc. He’s even performed overseas in London. Over 300 major mainstream outlets have spoken highly of Jay. These outlets include The Los Angeles Times, Hollywood Unlocked, The Chicago Tribune, ThisIs50, HipHopSince1987 and more. Jay has two songs recorded with Tory Lanez, one with Wiz Khalifa and another with Jhene Aiko. He also owns marketing companies, ‘Drama Promo’, ‘Hip Hop Buzz’ and ‘Guerilla Marketing’.

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